Unique Packaging: How It Can Boost Your Product's Sales At Trade Shows

15 October 2015
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Trade shows are excellent venues where you can display and promote your product line with many people. Not only can you check out your competition, but people who would have never heard of your brand can also discover what you have to offer. You can interact with buyers looking for a new product to put on their company's shelves and connect with sellers to see how they get their products noticed. Part of the success of a trade show is making sure your products are packaged in an attractive and professional manner. Unique packaging is one way to do this. Discover how unique packaging can boost your trade show sales and exposure.

Product awareness

A packaging design firm can help you design a packaging concept that can make your product more noticeable on your display. They use their skills and experience to help you decide on the right colors, fonts, and packaging styles that will work best for your items. They also design your packaging around the way your products are used. For example, if your product is organic makeup, they may suggest using recycled cardboard with flower seeds embedded in the paper so people who buy your product can plant the cardboard for a beautiful flower display later. Unique packaging makes your product, however seemingly 'done already', new and exciting.

Call to action

Unique packaging creates a 'call to action' for consumers. Buyers looking for that special product to put on their shelves will be intrigued by the packaging concept you place on your items, knowing that the unique appeal will expand to their future customers. The more 'different' a product can appear in its packaging design, the more buyers may be inclined to purchase it for themselves. At a trade show, this is exactly what you want for product exposure and sales.

Easy displaying

The best aspect of choosing unique packaging for your products is that they can be displayed easily. Buyers at trade shows are attracted to products that stack or hang well, since this makes them more attractive when on display at their own establishments. Work with a packaging design firm to make your products easy to display, either by making them slimmer in design for hanging or by creating a box design that makes your products interlock when they are stacked together.

Your products can be given a boost at trade shows if you take the time to package them in a unique style. The more appealing your products appear, the more attraction they will get. This can help boost your sales and can assist you in connecting with valued buyers.

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